Supplement Primary Health Plans
We never expected to have my wife diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 32. It literally rocked our world. We are so thankful we had our policy that took care of all the unexpected expenses.

- Moore


Recognizing Excellence

We believe in recognizing excellence and rewarding a job well done. Each year we have two National meetings where we receive advanced training, sales awards, product updates and the chance to have some recreational time with our peers and families. We also provide two overseas incentive trips each year that are available for our top performers. All of these are held at luxurious locations such as Italy, France, England, Germany, Portugal and Spain just to name a few.

Giving Back

Numerous members of the Dynasty team have taken time to give back to others in the form of short term and long term mission trips, such as Costa Rica, Mexico, Italy, Africa and many other areas within the US. We focus on two to three different group projects each year.

Working Hard and Enjoying It

We believe very strongly in working hard, and in taking full advantage of the fruits of our labors. Members of the Dynasty team structure their schedules to take full advantage of the flexibility our business offers. In the past year that flexibility has allowed members of the Dynasty team to take extended trips to Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Mexico and Canada.

Bonuses, Stock Awards and More

In addition to travel rewards we have an extensive incentive program throughout the year that includes bonuses, additional stock awards, custom made clothing and many other items.

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    Our Vision is to teach people to learn how to see the invisible so they will develop the ability to achieve the impossible. Heart, Desire and Determination are the foundation blocks from which to start any new journey.

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