Career Opportunities

You have choices when it comes to a career. Why choose Dynasty?


What Makes Us Different 

As a Dynasty agent, you will be selling a product that simply saves the peace of mind of families in your community, and beyond. We offer more than just a job. We offer you the opportunity to develop a career path that allows you to have pride in what you sell, connect with insjpiring professionals and feel empowered knowing you are building a net worth enabling your family to retire with dignity.

Being a Dynasty agent means you get to enjoy:

  • Performance based compensation
  • Initial training at our sales academy to kick-start your success, and weekly meetings led by veteran agents who will provide you a continual roadmap to success
  • Quick start bonuses
  • Incentive trips
  • Leadership training
  • And that’s just the beginning.

Is a Career in Direct Sales Right For Me?


Whether you’re right out of college, looking for your final career before you retire or anything in between, you should ask yourself 5 simple questions:

  1. Am I being fully rewarded for my daily efforts?
  2. Am I being fairly compensated for the work I am doing?
  3. Do I have the opportunity to own a part of the company for which I am working?
  4. Am I in complete control of my schedule each day?
  5. Am I willing to work hard and be teachable enough to learn a new business?

If your answer to the first four questions is no, and yes to the final question, let us encourage you to take a serious look at a career with Dynasty Financial Group .

What’s the Work Culture Like?


Our culture is very different from that of other insurance companies. Our three major elements include:

  • Willingness to Work Hard.
    Our belief is that the harder you work the luckier you get. Nothing will ever take the place of hard work.
  • Willingness to Be Teachable.
    We have a proven system and we guarantee that it works. When learning a new skill the quickest way to master it is to listen and practice.
  • Desire to Develop a Great Attitude.
    We believe ordinary people can and should deliver extraordinary results. One must always believe that nothing is too great to overcome. Desire and persistence help us see the world in a different light.

What Benefits Are Offered with Dynasty Financial Group?


Our people are our greatest asset, and we make sure our agents know it by offering great perks and lucrative benefits along the way. Here’s a summary of what a Dynasty agent can expect:

  • Exciting career in sales and sales management
  • Highest commission structure in the industry
  • Vested LIFETIME renewals
  • Earn Stock Options immediately
  • Yearly cash bonuses
  • Cash medical and health benefits plan
  • Incentive trips (Click “PBF Trips” to view pictures of some of our past trips)
  • Flexible lifestyle